Hoboken’s Tessa International School Celebrates Its 60 Cultures On United Nations Day

Photo Credits:  Tessa International School                                                                                                                                                                                              Each year on October 24, Tessa International School celebrates United Nations Day with an event highlighting the many different countries represented in its community. Tessa International School is home to nearly 200 students from nearly 60 different cultures around the globe. Today’s event was intended to engage the school community so that they learn about the different countries, as well as to bring families together as a community of the world.
Tessa International School reaffirms its vision for the future which is very much in sync with the UN’s: contribute to building a peaceful, collaborative world, in which we can all learn from each other.
              On UN Day, children – and teachers – are invited to wear something to reflect their culture and/or bring in an artifact, picture, related to their heritage. The event consists of parading around the Monroe Center Plaza in traditional clothing. Along the parade route, students visit tables representing each continent and receive  stamps in their passport to reflect their journey.
This event contributes to raising awareness of human diversity among students, but also in the city: this year, Mayor Bhalla, will address the assembly after the parade.
            Tessa International School is currently home to students ages 2 through primary, enrolled in French, Mandarin or Spanish dual language tracks. Further languages, such as Russian, are currently available after-school.

The school embodies the ideals of making the world a better place while seeking to cultivate future leaders in a global society. Whether it be through the experience of its pillars: Bilingualism, Happiness and Excellence, three immersive language tracks or world respected global IB-PYP and equally impressive additional curriculums, Tessa International School prepares its students for tomorrow and helps them enjoy today.
          Tessa distinguishes itself because of the relationships it fosters. Built on a foundation of acceptance, students come from all over the world, and are embraced for being who they are. The connection among the students and staff is readily palpable, resulting in an environment where students are happy to come to school.
United Nations Day acknowledges the UN Charter initially signed by 50 countries on October 24,1945 intending to achieve peace and justice.