In an exclusive interview with Hudson TV, Councilman Michael Russo, who represents Hoboken’s Third Ward and serves as the Vice President of the city’s governing body, discussed a range of issues affecting his constituents. The councilman, who has been in office since 2003, is up for reelection on November 7th.

Parking – A Never-Ending Woes

“Parking has always been a concern,” said Russo. “Especially for a city of 60,000 people where around a third require cars daily.” Russo indicated that he is actively exploring options for both private and public parking solutions, from delineating street parking spaces to considering partnerships for new parking garages.

The Rodent Menace

Rodent infestation is another issue gripping the Third Ward and, more widely, the city. Councilman Russo acknowledged the city’s efforts to control the menace but stressed that quicker actions were needed. “I believe we need to focus on immediate extermination techniques. The issue needs to be tackled swiftly,” he said.

Rent Control and Affordable Housing

When questioned about the city’s housing situation, Russo drew a distinction between rent control and affordable housing, stating that they are two different concerns that are often conflated. “It’s about ensuring that people can plan their lives without worrying about unconscionable rent increases,” he noted.

Recreational Spaces and Flood Control

As a father of four, Russo passionately discussed the need for more recreational spaces, especially indoor ones. He also highlighted the role of Resiliency parks in flood control. “We have been proactive in building these parks, which can detain a million gallons of water,” Russo said.

Connecting with the Community

Councilman Russo encouraged constituents to get in touch with him via his social media platforms or directly through his cell phone for quicker responses.

If you’d like to learn more about Councilman Russo’s campaign, you can visit or check out his Facebook, X, or Instagram accounts @michaelrussonj.  You can also text Councilman Russo at (201) 401-9687.

Russo is being challenged by one opponent in the election, data analyst Ed Reep.