Hudson Commissioners Accept $748K+ NJDOT Grant For Improvements Around Bayonne’s 8th St. Light Rail Station

The Hudson County Board of Commissioners have authorized the application and acceptance of $748,319 of funds, if awarded, from the New Jersey Department of Transportation 2021 Safe Streets to Transit Grant Program.  The money would specifically be used to improve the area around Bayonne’s 8th Street Light Rail Station.
The New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Safe Streets to Transit Grant Program provides funds to counties to improve the safety and accessibility for mass transit riders walking to transit facilities. This will encourage mass transit users to walk to transit station and facilitate the implementation of projects and activities that will improve safety in the vicinity of transit facilities.
According to NJDOT, “walking is the most environmentally friendly and low cost way to get people to and from public transportation. When given ​sidewalks or traffic calmed streets to walk along, safe and convenient ways to cross streets, and a comfortable and attractive environment, most people are willing to walk farther to reach public transportation.”  This grant will provide critical infrastructure upgrades within a half-mile
radius from the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail’s 8th Street Station.
                                                                                                                              The grant will also provide key pedestrian infrastructure upgrades along JFK Boulevard, from the base of the Bayonne Bridge, northward to North Street.  The improvements eligible under the grant includes upgrades to pedestrian signals, push buttons at key intersections, installation of A.D.A. ramps, crosswalks, sidewalk widening, and installation of pedestrian scale street lighting under Route 440 overpass.
Board Chairman Anthony Vainieri, Commissioner Kenneth Kopacz and the
Hudson County Board of Commissioners are providing the necessary
resources to Hudson County municipalities in order for them to provide a
safer environment on road ways and sidewalks for residents.