Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez has released the following information:

The Hudson County Regional SWAT Team, in coordination with the North Bergen Police Department, safely de-escalated a hostage situation Tuesday morning at the Days Inn on Tonnelle Avenue where a 21-year-old New York City man was holding a woman against her will along with her two young children.

The suspect, Divine Torres, of Staten Island, was charged by the North Bergen Police Department with Kidnapping in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:13-1B(2), a crime of the first degree; two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4A(2), a crime of the second degree; Aggravated Assault (strangulation of a domestic violence victim) in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1B(13), a crime of the third degree; and Terroristic Threats in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:12-3A, a crime of the third degree. Additional charges against Torres are pending in New York City.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, just after 10 a.m., North Bergen Police responded to the Days Inn at 2600 Tonnelle Avenue after being notified by the NYPD that they were there conducting an investigation regarding a woman being taken and held against her will along with two young children, ages three months and two years old.

Hudson County Regional SWAT responded to the scene and with their crisis and hostage negotiators were able to make contact with the suspect and safely and peacefully negotiate his surrender and the release of the hostages. There were no injuries during the operation to civilians or law enforcement.

Prosecutor Suarez credited the Hudson County Regional SWAT, the North Bergen Police Department, and the NYPD, for the investigation and arrest.

“Yesterday’s response by Hudson County SWAT was an excellent job in which the officers utilized their training and resources to peacefully and safely de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation,” said Prosecutor Suarez.

The above charges are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. R.P.C.3.6(b)(6).