Hudson County, NJ – In a revealing examination of the Hudson County Schools of Technology, the salaries of the top 20 earners have been disclosed, casting light on how taxpayer dollars are being utilized in this public entity. This disclosure is not just about numbers; it’s a window into the dynamics of educational funding and potential political influences in Hudson County.

At the forefront is Frank Gargiulo, with a salary jumping from $295,608.14 to $304,001.88. Following him is Joseph Sirangelo, whose earnings increased from $272,401.47 to $285,838.65. Nicholas Fargo also features prominently, with his salary rising from $244,958.73 to $263,035.5.

Amy Lin Rodriguez and Joseph M Muniz, both earning over $200,000, are indicative of the substantial salaries being allocated within the school system. Joseph Giammarella’s consistent earning of $205,003.62 highlights the uniformity in some of these top-tier salaries.

Barbara Mendolla and Gerald Lyons, along with Colleen D Smith and Hawa Dahn Saw, are also among the top earners, with their salaries reflecting significant taxpayer investment. Kathleen A Young, James Andriani, and Ann Gherardi, despite being lower on the list, still command hefty salaries funded by public money.

Allyson Krone, Ecatherina McFadden, John Shinnick, Christine Carroll, Alicia Abraham, and Anthony D’Alessandro complete the list, with their earnings ranging from mid to high $150,000s, all under the public funding umbrella.

For the complete comparison of the past 3 years, please see below.


In our commitment to transparency and public awareness, we are preparing an in-depth report . Our next focus will be on the dynamics of families and relatives working within the same institutions. What does this mean for the public and how does it impact the allocation of public funds? Stay tuned for this revealing report that aims to shed light on these important questions.