Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Seizes Nearly Half a Ton of Marijuana

Marijuana Bust Valued at $1.5 Million

JERSEY CITY, NJ – On Friday, January 31, 2020 the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office under the direction of Sheriff Frank X. Schillari, with the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security, intercepted a tractor trailer shipment of marijuana as it made a delivery to a Kearny warehouse. The tractor trailer was loaded with 737 lbs. of marijuana with an estimated street value of $1.5 million.

“This is one of the biggest single marijuana busts in Hudson County history,” said Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari. “Our detective bureau deserves all the credit for an excellent job, I’m proud to have them in my department serving and protecting the people of Hudson County.”

31 year old Usman Ahmed of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and 21 year old Manjot Aujal of Poughkeepsie, NY were arrested and charged with first degree possession of marijuana and first degree manufacturing and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.

Ahmed and Aujal were taken to the Hudson County Correctional Facility in Kearny. Under the new bail reform law they were released and are awaiting their respective court dates.


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    1. I thought it was legal in the state of New Jersey and the rest of the 47 states except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Someone should be listening but I believe Governor Murphy has been going on to vote in November to finally get it legalized not only for recreational but for in general these guys clearly weren’t from Columbia they were from Canada and name says they’re Indian, Nationality. Other than heroin or needles are pounds and pounds of kilos of coke or heroin yeah it’s literally grass dried up that’s packaged the sell in dispensaries around the country. In fact New Jersey has several closest one being Paterson NJ
      I understand with Bail Reform, But still ? Is it the fact that it came into this country without being Taxed & are gov not getting there share . It was probably grown is 1 of the best put some tools that manufacturer marijuana for the record industry that we have knowing on now in the United States !!!

      • Sorry, Last paragraph Grown in 1 of the best regions or facility that now manufacturers for the growing industry of marijuana legalization and recreational for the United States.

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