Immigration Conference: Union City’s Immigrants Get Free Lesson On Citizenship!

The following article and video package were written and produced by Pedro Garcia.


On a crisp and breezy evening at the Saint Anthony of Padua Church on 8th Street, Mayor Brian P. Stack and his dedicated team hosted the 7th Annual Immigration Conference. This event, driven by a primary focus on informing and educating the immigrant population of Union City, featured keynote speakers including Mayor Stack himself, Director Mercedes Joaquin, and prominent members of the Board of Education. Together, they aimed to assure attendees that there are legal and proven pathways to obtain United States citizenship without running afoul of the law.

Mayor Stack, a staunch advocate for immigrant rights, underscored the importance of recognizing that the United States has been built on the contributions of migrants for centuries. He emphasized that immigrants deserve the opportunity to call this great nation home, legally and without fear.

In an exclusive interview with HUDSONTV, Mayor Stack shared his thoughts on the event, saying, “We are committed to ensuring that immigrants in our community have access to the information and resources they need to become legal residents and eventually citizens. It’s about building a stronger, more diverse Union City.”

Director Mercedes Joaquin, a key member of Mayor Stack’s team, also spoke with HUDSONTV, highlighting the event’s success in providing valuable information and guidance to attendees. The conference saw the Saint Anthony’s venue filled, with eager participants seeking to learn more about the immigration process and their rights.

The 7th Annual Immigration Conference stands as a testament to Union City’s dedication to fostering, maintaining, and educating its relationship with its immigrant population. It exemplifies the city’s commitment to supporting its residents in their pursuit of the American dream through lawful means.

Pedro Garcia, reporting for HUDSONTV, captured the essence of the event, showcasing Union City’s unwavering commitment to its immigrant community and its ongoing efforts to provide pathways to legal immigration for all who seek it.