Jersey City Councilman Solomon Talks about the “Secret” Water Tax by Mayor Fulop and Other Issues

Since he was elected as Jersey City’s Ward E Councilman in 2017, James Solomon has always said and done things independently.  If he disagreed with a proposal or idea by Mayor Steven Fulop, he made it known and explained why.  He then would offer his own idea.  If he agreed with the Mayor on something, he made that known as well.

The Councilman is up for re-election in November, but he is running without Mayor Fulop’s support.  The Mayor has tabbed Jake Hudnut, the city’s Chief Municipal Prosecutor, as his choice for Ward E Councilman.

In an interview with Hudson TV reporter Jeff Henig, Councilman Solomon discusses a wide variety of issues, everything from the “secret” water tax instituted by Mayor Fulop to pay for municipal trash collection (Solomon has his own plan which doesn’t raise taxes), to the latest on the Civilian Complaint Review Board, to his plan for a group to study anti-corruption policies.

The interview also explores the school district and lack of critical funding and how Solomon believes that can be tackled.