Jersey City Man Faces Domestic Violence Charge For Holding Knife To Woman’s Neck In WNY

Documents filed in West New York Municipal Court accuse 30-year old, Jersey City resident Victor Reyes of holding a knife to the neck of an unnamed female on January 31 in West New York.  Reyes held the knife to the woman’s neck as she was talking to a friend on the telephone.  During the incident he instructed her what to say while on the telephone.

The knife used was a Black and Decker kitchen knife with an eight inch blade.  The aggravated assault charge while attempting to commit bodily injury during a robbery, thankfully, resulted in no injury to the female victim.

According to the court papers, Reyes was trying to steal the woman’s passports, social security cards, green cards, New Jersey DMV identification and house keys.  Among the five charges Reyes is facing are domestic violence, aggravated assault and threatening to kill the victim’s family.

One or more children were present during the attack, which resulted in five charges being fled against Reyes, who is unemployed and has a history of stalking, harassment and terroristic threats.

Reyes is awaiting his first appearance in court.