Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has sparked controversy with his recent remarks about a trip to Paris that was funded by a non-profit wing of the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation (EDC). In a recent interview, Fulop launched an attack on the Jersey City Times, a digital newspaper, accusing it of producing “misleading” and “not factual” coverage of the story. He also took aim at the anonymous sources cited by the blog, referring to them as “trust fund babies” and “failed candidates.”

Fulop defended the trip, stating that it was entirely for work and focused on a transformative project for New Jersey and the region. The project involved the largest collection of modern art in the world and aimed to promote education, arts, and culture in Jersey City.

When asked who paid for the trip, Fulop stated that it was not funded by taxpayer dollars, but by a private fund called “Grow Jersey City” that was established to support economic development initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mayor emphasized that the non-profit arm of the EDC was focused on keeping economic development going during and after the pandemic.

However, Fulop’s comments about the Jersey City Times have drawn criticism from some. The Times has consistently published articles since 2019, and Fulop’s recent attacks on the newspaper could be seen as an attempt to undermine the credibility of local media.

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