Jose Marti STEM Academy Providing Hundreds of Union City Students Quality Summer Enrichment

Hundreds of Union City students from the elementary to high school grade levels are spending approximately five weeks at the Jose Marti STEM Academy this summer; not because they have to, but because they want to .  The are taking part in the Board of Education’s summer STEM Enrichment, learning all kinds of things STEM-related.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  They are all pn the table.  And the students are loving it.  Robotics, coding, 3D branding. You name it. It’s available.


The Board of Education in Union City may be the most advanced district in Hudson County in terms of STEM education.  They receive federal funding for their programs.  They send students off to Ivy League colleges and universities.  Their students go on to amazing careers in exciting fields.

It all starts in the lower grade levels.  Despite the pandemic, the students have adapted.  While there is nothing which can replace in-classroom, hands on learning, teachers and students alike, have embraced virtual instruction and the district has even incorporated it into this summer’s enrichment programs.

Hudson TV got a hands on look at one of the robotics sessions, and let me tell you, it was extremely impressive.