Kearny Mayor Al Santos stated late this morning what seems to be the obvious, at least as the days go by.  In a Facebook post he stated, “The second wave is here.  A month ago our community had a 7-day average of one new COVID case a day and now we’re at a 7-day average of 12, with 24 new cases in kearny yesterday and 153 in Hudson County.”

Hudson is one on many New Jersey counties seeing a spike in the number of coronavirus cases, and with the temperatures getting cooler, that is NOT a good thing.  The majority of states in America are seeing rising coronavirus numbers. Yet, many, many people are ignoring the COMMON SENSE guidelines expressed by health experts.

Mayor Santos, in his Facebook post, wrote, “We cant succumb to corona fatigue!  Wear masks, socially distance (even at family gatherings), and regularly wash your hands! Stay away from large gatherings.”

As of Tuesday, Kearny’s total number of coronavirus cases to date stands at 1,460.  92 of those cases resulted in deaths.