Kearny School District Announces Remote Learning for Week of January 3

Photo Credit:                                                                                                                                                                                                         Joining with most of Hudson County’s other school districts, Kearny has announced that it will be going to remote instruction for students when the winter break ends on January 3.  This virtual instruction will last for one week, through January 7.

The District posted this message on its website early this morning:

  • After reviewing the number of COVID infections and quarantines affecting our district’s ability to adequately staff our 7 schools, and in consultation with the Hudson County Dept. of Education, the local Health Dept. and the Kearny Board of Education, we find it necessary to provide virtual instruction to our students for the week of Jan. 3 though Jan. 7. We will follow the schedule of our regular school day, and all students will be provided the link(s) for the Google Classroom and Google Meet. It is our hope that this move is temporary and we can return to in-person instruction the week of Jan. 10th. We will assess more closely on Thursday of next week.
    Please check for email correspondence for additional information that will be sent out by your school’s administration regarding schedules, materials, and hours during which student devices and/or texts may be picked up at your school.