LADA Endorses Prosecutor Suarez For US Attorney, District of NJ

The Latino American Democratic Association of New Jersey this afternoon announced its support for Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez to become the next United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey.

Here is their press release:



Our nation is at a historical crossroad. In the midst of global pandemic that has ravaged families and plagued communities, our country is also confronting systemic inequalities and hyper partisanship that threatens the pillars of our republic with sedition and insurrection. We are reckoning in real time with the underlying societal inequities that challenge our progress and yet we remain hopeful because of the promise of our common humanity.

Vice President Kamala Harris, in her historic rise to national office, has shared the promise of diversity and how authenticanddiverserepresentationclearsthemostenduringpathtoourmoreperfectunion. VicePresidentHarris has shared a notable anecdote, one that enshrines the Latino American Democratic Association of New Jersey’s (“LADA”) commitment to championing diverse leadership and representation. She’s shared that her mother taught her that while she “may be the first to do many things,” her obligation was to make sure she was not the last.

In New Jersey, we have no shortage of diverse and vibrant pools of talent poised to make monumental contributions to oursociety. Yet,fartoooftenthoseeternalspringsofpromisearecappedandourcommunitiesareleftyearningfor representatives that live and reflect the lives of those they represent.

In recent weeks, what began as whispers of insider political intrigue has become the subject of public debate. A list of of talented lawyers under consideration for the chief federal law enforcement post in New Jersey has garnered important attention. One name in particular has emerged in constant reference – Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez.

Ms. Suarez, no stranger to making history, if confirmed would become the first Latina United States Attorney in New Jersey history. A proud daughter of immigrants and a product of a working class community in Hudson County, Ms. Suarez has proven to be a servant leader. From her notable practice representing governmental entities to her bipartisan appointment as a state court judge and chief county prosecutor, Ms. Suarez has a record of lifting diverse communities all while weathering with grace the tumultuous political scorn that afflict those that break molds.

Ms. Suarez has been endorsed by the the Alliance for Latinx Leadership and Policy (“ALLP”), the Hispanic National BarAssociation(“HNBA”), LUPEPAC, LUPEAction, and the Hudson County Police Chiefs Association.  LADA proudly joins in the endorsement. Without reservation, we are confident that Ms. Suarez will bring an unrivaled marriage of legal acumen, spirt of public service, and a culture of diversity and equity to the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey. Representation in all spaces matters and Ms. Suarez’s gifts and talents will serve the people of New Jersey well and with distinction.  One thing is for certain, Ms. Suarez has and will continue to be the first to do many things but her commitment to make sure she’s not the last to do them is the greatest tribute a community can be paid by one of its champions.



For over a quarter century, the Latino-American Democratic Association of New Jersey (“LADA”) has served as a grassroots political organization committed to the political inclusion and empowerment of the Latino community throughout the State of New Jersey and the United States of America. LADA is a political committee that fosters participation and civic engagement of the Latino community with the Democratic Party and supports candidates that champion issues and causes that advance the interest and contributions of Latinos.

The Association’s goals have remained steadfast not withstanding our significant strides. We are dedicated to:

  1. Increase the number of active Latino/Hispanic members in the Democratic Party and to foster member participation at all levels of the Democratic Party.
  2. To unify and empower Latino/Hispanic communities.
  3. Ensure fair representation of the Latino/Hispanic interests
  4. Educate the general community on policy issues of importance to their Latino/Hispanic friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
  5. Promote political participation.

LADA supports and proudly endorses community leaders and candidates for public office that champion the ideals of diversity, inclusion, and equity; leaders that recognize that representation matters. LADA supports candidates that recognize our community’s presence, embrace the issues most important to our community, and are committed to helping our communities meet the needs of our working families, our children, and senior citizens.