UPDATED: Lincoln Equities Group to Implode Two Buildings at “MOTBY” on Sunday Morning

Lincoln Equities Group Announces Implosion of Last Remaining Two Buildings at ‘Lincoln Logistics Bayonne’ 

Demolition of 6-story, 1.5M SF bomb-proof structures, set for August 8, allows construction of UPS facility to begin at the 153-acre waterfront industrial park in Bayonne, N.J.

 BAYONNE, N.J. – August 3, 2021 – Lincoln Equities Group (LEG) announced today that the firm will implode two six-story, 1.5 million-square-foot 1940’s-era buildings at Lincoln Logistics Bayonne on the Military Ocean Terminal (MOTBY) peninsula. The demolition of the 153-acre site’s last remaining structures marks the completion of three years of site preparation work, clearing the way for construction of a United Parcel Service (UPS) regional hub facility. The implosion is planned for 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, August 8.

“Since purchasing the massive site in 2018, our crews have worked steadily to ready it for construction, which involved importing over one million tons of clean fill to raise the site out of the flood plain and demolishing multiple former U.S. military buildings,” says LEG President Joel Bergstein. “Now, construction can begin on the 1.4-million-square-foot logistics complex that will create thousands of jobs and play a vital role in expanding the local overall economy.”

Earlier this year, UPS became the site’s anchor tenant after signing a 886,256-square foot lease for a regional hub and package distribution center. The UPS facility, expected to be completed by 2023, is estimated to create over 1,000 jobs and is one of the state’s largest industrial transactions in 2021.

“We’re excited for the opportunity and growth that this project will bring to the people of Bayonne and the state of New Jersey,” said Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis. “Lincoln Logistics Bayonne will enable our city to serve as a major focal point for shipping, logistics, supply chain and innovation, and this implosion is the final step before construction begins.”

Lincoln Logistics Bayonne, located 7 miles from Newark, N.J., and 8 miles from Manhattan’s Holland Tunnel, provides unprecedented access to the Tri-State market at a time when e-commerce and associated fulfillment is soaring. The UPS facility will feature a customized design to allow for maximum efficiency and loading docking access.

The site was once used by the U.S. Navy as a supply depot during World War II. It was acquired by the U.S. Army in 1967 but closed in 1999 amid a wave of base closures. The buildings were built by the former occupant Military Ocean Terminal at Bayonne (MOTBY), where U.S. military operations were conducted for decades on a man-made peninsula that extends into the New York Harbor.

The site contains 62.9 acres of riparian water rights, offers immediate maritime access to the Hudson River and the Newark Bay (via the Kill Van Kill), as well as direct access to the New Jersey Turnpike, Interstate 78, Route 440, Routes 1 & 9 and the GCT (just 800 feet across the channel). The site also features an 1,800-foot wharf, which UPS is leasing, and an additional 26 acres for parking.

Because the buildings being imploded were constructed to withstand a bomb blast, the crew had to remove panels that made them bomb-proof. Workers then cut inside columns to place the explosives for the buildings’ implosion. This is the second of two implosions at the site: in 2018, a demolition crew imploded a 175-foot smokestack and a 150-foot steel water tower.

East Rutherford-based LEG, a full-service real estate firm, is the owner and developer of Lincoln Logistics Bayonne. The implosion viewing site is located at 51 Port Terminal Boulevard, Bayonne, N.J., about 1.5 miles east of Route 440.

About Lincoln Equities Group

Lincoln Equities Group LLC (LEG), established in 1980, is one of the Northeast’s leading full-service real estate companies. The company owns, operates, develops and manages commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the tri-state area and Europe, for its own account and for third-party owners. www.lincolnequities.com

Please note: For safety reasons, an exclusion zone will be established around the implosion site.  Effective at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 4, the public will be excluded from the area east of the Bayonne Bay development until after the implosion, unless they are employed in the zone or have work-related business with an employer in the zone.

Viewing area for the general public: For safety reasons, the general public will view the implosion from the waterfront walkway that runs along the Bayonne Golf Club and the South Cove Commons Shopping Center.  This viewing position is located on the southern side of South Cove, an inlet from New York Bay that separates the former Military Ocean Terminal from the golf club and the shopping center.