Mandatory Hackensack River Bridge Lifts TODAY Will Impact PATH Service

If you are planning to ride the PATH today, you should be aware of the following maintenance which may delay your travel.  There will be mandatory Hackensack River Bridge lifts that are scheduled for:

1st lift: 10:15am-10:45am
2nd lift: 2:45pm-3:15pm

These times are subject to change.

This may impact Newark – World Trade Center service in both directions.  Please allow extra travel time.

More information regarding the mandatory opening of the Hackensack River Bridge

The Hackensack River Bridge, owned and operated by PATH, as well as the Dock Bridge (owned and operated by AMTRAK), are classified as “on demand” opening bridges. When a vessel contacts the Railroad that it needs the bridge raised, PATH or AMTRAK is obligated to open it when the vessel arrives.

That said, most Tug Boat Towing and ship companies work with the railroads.  They typically give them 4 hours or more of notice and try to avoid weekday peak periods. However, some of the vessels require high tides to move through the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers and require the bridge to open when that occurs, even if it is during peak periods.

The United States Coast Guard monitors compliance.

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