Mayor Davis Declares State of Emergency in Bayonne

In a robo-call to Bayonne residents this afternoon, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that he has declared a state of emergency to deal with the Coronavirus. Mayor Davis said, “As of 1:30pm today, I am declaring a State of Emergency in Bayonne as we prepare to deal with the Coronavirus.  As of this time, we have no Bayonne residents that have been identified with the COVID-19 virus, and I am taking this action to ensure that we are prepared.” 

Mayor Davis continued, “We are entering a period, hopefully a short period, where all of our daily lives will be changing.  The Coronavirus is now a pandemic, and as a result, we must all be vigilant, not only regarding our own health, but also the health of our neighbors.  There is certainly no need for panic and no need for extreme action.”  Mayor Davis explained, “My Office of Emergency Management team and all the medical service entities in Bayonne are actively preparing for any course of action that may be required.  Plans are in place and ready to be put into effect if needed.”

Mayor Davis advised the public, “This is not a time for panic, it is a time to take prudent precautions.  As a result, this year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade is being postponed.  As Mayor, I cannot, in good conscience allow for such a large public gathering that draws people from dozens of communities to take place.  I know this announcement will disappoint many people, but the health of our residents comes first.”

Looking to the near future, Mayor Davis observed, “In the upcoming days and weeks, we will see many cancellations of public events.  For the short term, these occurrences will become the new normal.  With prudent action, this new normal will be short-lived and we will return to our normal lives soon.”

  Mayor Davis concluded, “Bayonne is a strong community.  We don’t panic, we help our neighbors, and we do what we have to, when we have to.  I will keep you all informed as to what is taking place in Bayonne, and what, if any, measures we as a community will have to undertake. Thank you and be safe.”


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