Mayor Fulop Highlights Importance of Community Development as Jersey City Celebrates National Community Development Week

Mayor Steven Fulop and the Division of Community Development (DCD) are inviting the entire community to join in the celebration of National Community Development Week, a unique opportunity to highlight the valuable resources and services the community has to offer.  Various events will take place all week long throughout Jersey City.

DCD will host various events at various locations citywide with activities to provide a safe and inviting space for the public to learn about the importance of community development and utilizing grant funding. 

“Our partnerships with the community are the reason we have been so successful over the past ten years and have achieved as much as we have in a relatively short time.  While this is what we strive for year-round, this week, we are placing added emphasis on strengthening those relationships and supporting our community’s direct needs for further progress,” said Mayor Fulop.  “We’re excited to celebrate the achievements of our community and continue to build on the progress we have made together.”

Jersey City will celebrate National Community Development Week from April 10-14, 2023, with a series of events to raise awareness of the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) Program, including: 

  1. April 10: Virtual Lunch and Learn Champion Chats: Honoring Community Heroes
  2. April 11: Annual Action Plan Public Hearing: Voice your Vision Shaping Jersey’s Future   
  3. April 12-14: Nonprofit Crawl: Impact Journey: Discovering Pathways to Change   
  4. April 15:  Unity in the Community: Celebrating Connections and Collaboration Block Party   

To kick off the week-long celebration, today’s private ceremony recognizes Jersey City’s outstanding community members for their impactful work in the community, including Steve Cunningham representing Team Wilderness, Roxy Arrojo from the Educational Arts Team, Max Benjamin of CARA Squared, and Elizabeth Hurley with Northeast New Jersey, an affordable housing developer.

Tuesday’s public hearing allows residents to comment on proposed recommendations for specific activities to be undertaken by Jersey City.  The three-day nonprofit crawl will offer a unique opportunity to tour the facilities of funded partners in different sectors, including Direct Services, Affordable Housing and Construction, and Nonprofit Partnership and Engagement. 

Lastly, the Community Development Open Space event will provide a space for nonprofits, stakeholders, and partners to share information about their programs and services, aiming to highlight the importance of CDBG in the minds of those in Washington and increase program funding.

Deja Anderson, Director of Community Development, added, “Jersey City is proud to participate in National Community Development Week and showcase the vital work being done by our funded partners.  Through our programs in Direct Services, Affordable Housing and Construction, and Nonprofit Partnership and Engagement, we are working to improve the quality of life for all residents in Jersey City.  This week provides a unique opportunity to bring attention to the importance of CDBG funding and its role in strengthening our community.”

Jersey City has been receiving CDBG funds from HUD for several decades, with the funds allocated to a wide-range of important projects, such as affordable housing, public infrastructure improvements, public services, and economic development initiatives.

National Community Development Week was created by the Council of State Community Development Agencies in 1986 to bring national attention to the CDBG program through grassroots support, making it a critical time for appropriations as work on the upcoming FY 2024 HUD funding bill will be in the initial stages.

Jersey City invites everyone to join in the celebration of National Community Development Week to showcase importance of community development in Jersey City and the impact it has on our most vulnerable residents.  For more information, please visit the DCD website here.