Senator Menendez on Resuming Chairmanship of Senate Foreign Relations Committee


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) issued the following statement after being named Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for the 117th Congress:

“I am deeply honored to be named Chairman and humbled to again lead of one of the Senate’s original ten standing committees; one that has shaped this nation’s foreign policy to advance the interests of all Americans in war and peace.

“In my 28 years in Congress working on foreign policy, I have never experienced a more consequential moment for our nation’s role in the world.  The sobering reality is that in this moment of crisis, the Trump administration left our national security architecture decimated and our diplomatic and development corps demoralized, ultimately weakening our standing on the global stage.  At this critical time, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will work to restore our leadership around the world and advance our democratic values.

“As Chairman, I intend to reach across the aisle and find consensus on the key foreign policy issues of the day including competing with China, confronting the global pandemic, and strengthening our alliances.  I also look forward to working with the Biden Administration to rebuild our foreign policy institutions and to restore America’s place as a leader around the globe.

“As a strong believer in Congress’ Article I duties, I will ensure that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reasserts its oversight role and actively legislates on U.S. foreign policy.  I am committed to pursuing a robust hearing and legislative agenda that focuses the power of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on protecting the national security of the American people.”