NBHA Asks Terrace Apartment Tenants For Patience As New Building Is Constructed

North Bergen Housing Authority Executive Director Gerald Sanzari is sympathetic to the concerns of tenants living in the Terrace Apartment Building on Columbia Avenue.  He understands that the site of a huge rock debris pile on the western side of their building overlooking the Meaowlands is not the most attractive thing right now.

He knows the weather is warmer and people would like to use their terrace, but a recent Facebook post indicated some residents are concerned, not only with the blighted view, but with the dust and dirt they may be experiencing from the debris.


Sanzari says the Housing Authority is constructing a new, 61-unit, Section 8, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, single bedroom structure of the southern end of the Terrace Apartment building property.  Not only will the building provide needed apartments for qualified residents on the NBHA waiting list, it will expand the existing parking lot and provide and extension to 67th Street which currently does not exist, making it easier for buses to navigate the area.

Sanzari says construction will resume in a couple of weeks after being shutdown due to the unexpected discovery of an underground gas line not shown on any of the township’s maps of the Housing Authority’s property.  He says the new building is expected to be completed, and the existing Terrace Apartment’s parking lot expanded, in the fall of 2022.

For now, residents are being asked to be patient as the works resumes shortly.