NBHS STEM Academy Seniors Thrive at ISEF Competition

Photo Courtesy North Bergen High School

Congratulations to North Bergen High School for its outstanding results among STEM Academy seniors at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).  Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners abound!!

Here’s a rundown as highlighted by North Bergen High School on Facebook:

In a display of academic excellence, North Bergen High School STEM Academy seniors displayed their prowess in various STEM disciplines, obtaining multiple medals and competing in the Super Judging round to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) for their research projects. Here are the titles of their award-winning projects and the corresponding medals they received at the Jersey City Medical Center / RWJ Barnabas Health STEM Showcase:
🥇 Gold:
Sorrayah Alkandi (also competed in the Super Judging round for a spot at ISEF)
Exploring Food Deserts, Online Grocery Delivery Services, Public Transportation and Mobility, and Food Purchasing Behavior and Habits in the Township of DFG: A Critical Analysis and Potential Solutions
🥇 Gold:
Emma Rivas (also competed in the Super Judging round for a spot at ISEF)
MedSport: An Analysis of a Mobile Application-Based Athletic Trainer Intervention for the Prevention and Management of Sports Injuries Among High School Student Athletes – Exploring User Experience and Interface
🥇 Team Gold:
Daniela Poaquiza and Tatiana Nunez
A Critical Content Assessment of Artificial Intelligence Versus Traditional Parkinson’s Disease Diagnoses
🥈 Team Silver:
Natalie Majano and Angie Rodriguez
Evaluating Student Attrition in STEM Majors: A Mixed-Method Analysis on Early STEM Exposure in Secondary Education and Influence of Parental Education Levels in Determining Career Path Consistency
🥈 Silver:
Olha Buhlak
Observing Correlations Between High School Teacher Personalities, Demographic Factors, and Self-Perceived Teacher Effectiveness; Constructing a Predictive AI Model Via a Mixed Method Investigation
🥉 Bronze:
Allison Mendoza
Investigating High School Students’ Perceptions of Their Data Literacy Competencies and the Disparity between Perceived and Actual Scores on the NJSLA-M: An Integration of an AI-Assisted Prototype for Building More Precision in Data Literacy Comprehension
🥉 Bronze:
Nicholas Fernandez
Assaying Betelgeuse’s Great Dimming; Critical Content Analysis of Leading Theories and Alternative Examination
These talented seniors exhibited exceptional creativity, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of their chosen fields. Their projects not only demonstrated their passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics but also showcased their ability to make a positive impact on society through their innovative ideas.
The unwavering guidance of Dr. Keshishian, along with the dedication of their teachers, Dr. Krista Welz and Mrs. Stephanie Stern-Protz, has been instrumental in shaping the students’ projects and fostering their passion for STEM.
In order to compete at the annual STEM Showcase, students must be enrolled in the NBHS Independent Scientific Research Honors course. For those interested in taking this course, please contact Dr. Keshishian.
Congratulations to all the winners and to the district’s STEM Program.