New WNY Community Garden About To Come To Life

On a bright Tuesday morning, West New York was assigning plots in its new, community garden in Miller Park to town residents who signed up to grow their own fruits, vegetables and flowers.  The new garden, partially paid for with state Green Acres money as part of the total renovation of the Jackson Street park, contains 40 plots of varying sizes for people to grow their own produce.

In addition, there are still several handicapped plots of land lower to the ground which have not been assigned to any residents.  It you are interested in one of those plots, just contact Rosemarie Suarez, West New York’s Sustainability Coordinator at (201) 295-5119.

The town decided to create the community garden after starting its composting program last year.

The garden, which is located in the middle of the park, is inside a fenced area.  Its hours of operation will be 8 am until 8 pm.

Each person who signed up for one of the plots, will maintain oversight of the area until August of 2024.  Suarez says there is already a waiting list for people who want to join.

This is the first community garden created in the town of West New York.