NJ Democrats: GOP Must Disavow Trump’s Threat to Delay General Election

Last week, President Trump tweeted his thoughts about vote-by-mail ballots.  What he said, which you can view by clicking on the link below, has raised the ire of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.

This morning theNJDSC issued the following press release, calling on members of the New Jersey Republican Party to disavow the President’s comment:


NJDSC Calls on Republican Congressional Candidates to Disavow Trump’s Threat to Delay Election 

TRENTON, NJ — In a chilling tweet posted last week that included a false claim about mail-in voting, President Trump raised the possibility that he may attempt to delay the November General Election. While the President clearly does not have the authority to alter the date of the election, the threat nonetheless is another example of Trump trying to circumvent the country’s democratic norms and delegitimize the electoral process. NJDSC is calling on all Republican Congressional candidates in the state to disavow Trump’s threats against democracy and affirm that they will accept the results of the General Election, whether they win or lose.

“Our society depends on the peaceful transition of power after an election, and when the President threatens that value, it’s up to all other leaders — especially those in his own party — to make it clear that Trump does not speak for them and they will not allow his assault on democracy to stand unchallenged,” said NJDSC Chairman John Currie. “It’s time for Jeff Van Drew, Chris Smith, David Richter, Rosemary Becchi, Tom Kean Jr., Frank Pallotta, and every other Republican running for Congress to stand on the side of America’s democratic values and disavow President Trump’s dire threat against our Constitution.”


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