You may not like it, but you knew it was coming.  Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has again adjusted the rules for all of us, like it or not.  Beginning at 6 am this coming Saturday, December 5, and lasting at least through January 2, a statewide suspension of all indoor high school and youth sports activities will go into effect, along with a new limit on outdoor gatherings.

Saying state officials have seen a rise in coronavirus cases among youth sports participants, Murphy stated, “I’m a huge sports fan, and all of our kids play sports.  I hope and intend to see the winter sports season in January.  I want to see especially that high school seniors get to play her or his last season.  And I value the importance of sports for the physical and mental well-being of our children.”

In youth hockey alone, New Jersey has seen more than 20 outbreaks with over 100 cases of COVID-19.  High school swimming and basketball is also likely to be affected.  The Governor’s announcement today will not affect indoor, professional or collegiate sports.

The new, outdoor restriction will limit gatherings to 25 people, down from 150.  This restriction will take effect on December 7 at 6 am.  Outdoor dining is unaffected, as are religious or political activities, funerals, memorial services and weddings.

Governor Murphy announced today there were 3,199 new COVID cases statewide.  He added there is no truth to the rumors that New Jersey is about to be shut down.