NJ Hope & Future WNY Basketball Tournament Gives Kids Self-Confidence

For a second straight year, West New York hosted a co-ed, basketball tournament sponsored by the non-profit, New Jersey Hope and Future.  The free, Saturday event in Miller Park, feature 32 teams and more than 100 youngsters.

A 501 C3 non-profit organization, New Jersey Hope and Future aims to give kids self-confidence and a sense of worth.  They provide athletic events to build a kids’ self esteem, all while letting the youngsters know they are important and matter and that adults believe in them.

The teams came from all around New Jersey, not just from Hudson County.  There were both middle school and high school divisions.

The day allowed for good sportsmanship, some entertaining basketball, and most of all, the knowledge that these kids learned they matter, not only to their families, but to the communities they live in.  And that’s the goal of Hope and Future; let kids know others care about their well being and future.