NJ Local Government Week Concludes With Student Law Day

The last couple years have kept us all isolated in some form because of Covid and different government restrictions resulting from that. But it feels like things are finally reaching normalcy and that was displayed this week in North Bergen where a series of free events took place for NJ Local Government Week. It is a week filled with activities for members of the community as well as those who serve their town in the Board of Commissions.

The activities started on Sunday April 3rd and ranged from meet and greets with local law enforcement, to learning about the history of the town, holding different community charity events, and wrapped up today with a mock commissioners meeting at Town Hall for Student Law Day. Students from North Bergen High School assumed the roles of Township administration officials for a day and debated local topics to fellow classmates, as well as other friends, family, and actual commission members of the town.

In attendance was the Mayor of North Bergen, Nicholas Sacco, to show his support to the students as well as educate them and those in attendance on how things operate in dealing with the various issues presented to a town and its administrators. It was a fun event that the students enjoyed taking part in, and offers them and the rest of the community an opportunity to learn more about what helps a town operate, as well as potentially building interest for those same townspeople to become a part of the local government one day. It is a North Bergen tradition that everyone is happy to see make a comeback.