While there is no exact timetable for the rollout of a coronavirus vaccine, the recent spike in numbers in various parts of the United States tells us a vaccine cannot come soon enough.  As the weather continues to get colder, COVID-19 is ramping up, which is exactly what the medical experts have been predicting.

So, with a second wave here in various parts of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy made it clear during his Monday media briefing, that when the coronavirus vaccine becomes available, the process for its distribution will be fair and the Garden State is prepared to mobilize its efforts if federal money is freed up.

Speaking with reporters, the Governor said the state has been preparing for a vaccination distribution since last March.  Murphy emphasized that the plan being submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will seek 81,000 vaccinations per day, five days a week.

New Jersey intends to use an “all-government” approach, meaning the first phase of vaccines will be limited to healthcare workers.  Moving forward, the plan’s goal is to vaccinate 70% of the adult population in the state within 6 months.  Additionally, make sure there is equitable access to the vaccine, while achieving maximum, community protection.  Finally, the Governor and State Health Commissioner must build and maintain the public’s trust.

The Governor made no bones about it, when saying the way to attain maximum, community protection, is receiving $8.1 billion from the federal government.

The Governor said on Monday that New Jersey has 1,223 new COVID cases, which brings the state’s total to 229,684.  There were seven, new COVID deaths, bringing the state’s total number of COVID-19 deaths to 14,503 since the pandemic began last spring.