NJ Sees Highest Single Day COVID Total During Pandemic

Governor Phil Murphy announced on Sunday that the state has set a single day high for coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic…not what New Jersey citizens need to hear.  More than 6,000 positive COVID-19 cases…6,046 to be exact.  The first time the state topped 6,000 for a single day.  Another 15 deaths were also reported by the Governor today.

“These numbers speak for themselves.  Mask up.  Social distance.  Wash your hands.  Avoid gatherings,” said the Governor earlier today as he made the sobering announcement.

It has become abundantly clear that too many New Jersey residents are not using common sense.  Whether it’s selfishness, lack of concern, or just plain stupidity, New Jersey residents MUST do a better job of taking the proper steps to attack the coronavirus.  The vaccine is not here yet.  We all have to be mindful of not only ourselves, but of others.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 368,000 COVID cases have been reported in New Jersey.  15,485 people have died.  We have to start taking this pandemic seriously.

As a result of today’s announcement by Governor Murphy, new entertainment rules have been put into place.  These include movie theaters, performing arts centers and other concert venues can host a performance in an adjacent, outdoor area with a maximum capacity equivalent to the venue’s indoor capacity.

That means these facilities can hold outdoor performances with a maximum of 150 people in attendance. Every other outdoor gathering – with a few exceptions – must be capped at 25 people.

There are exceptions which are not subject to the outdoor 25-person limit.  These include:

  • Outdoor wedding ceremonies
  • Funerals
  • Memorial services
  • Religious and political activities
  • Athletes, coaches, referees and other individuals necessary for a professional or collegiate sports competition
  • For other adult and youth sports occurring outdoors, the number of people necessary for a game or practice can exceed the 25-person limit.
  • Collegiate and professional sporting activities.
  • Private fitness classes and lessons
  • Trainings at gyms, studios, and similar locations

The Governor is holding out hope that thousands of New Jerseyans will begin getting vaccinated by December 15.  In reality, we must assume that for most residents, a COVID vaccine is months away.

The counties with the highest, new positive cases reported on Sunday are:

  1. Bergen – 552
  2. Hudson – 533
  3. Essex – 520

So, until the vaccine is available, Hudson County residents must be more vigilant and committed to stopping the spread of the virus as best as possible.  It literally is a matter of life and death.