NJ Transit Installs Onboard Ticket Validators on Buses



Major Step Toward Modernizing Fare Payment System and Reducing Customer Touchpoints


NEWARK, NJ — As part of the effort to continue its fare modernization initiative, NJ TRANSIT, in conjunction with its vendor Conduent Transportation, has begun the installation process to bring onboard ticket validators to its entire statewide bus fleet. The devices allow customers using paper and mobile barcode tickets/passes to minimize personal contact with bus operators by scanning the barcode instead of handing the operator the ticket.

“This new fare payment technology is not only far more convenient for customers, it also eliminates a frequent touchpoint, making it safer for both customers and bus operators,” said NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin Corbett. “Overall, it’s just one of the many ways NJ TRANSIT is modernizing fare collection, including the recent introduction of the new handheld mobile devices crews are using on trains to scan and validate rail tickets, and the ability for light rail customers to now purchase one-way tickets on our mobile app.”

The fleet-wide installation process has begun on buses at the Oradell garage and then will proceed to other garages over the coming months.  Customers traveling on Bus Routes Nos. 144, 155, 157, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 177 and 364, can begin using the onboard validators on buses which have completed the installation process.

Bus garages serving bus routes with the highest use of paper tickets have been identified for the beginning of the installation process as part of NJ TRANSIT’s response to COVID-19 and commitment to reducing customer touchpoints to the greatest extent possible. In subsequent phases of the modernization program, the validators will result in faster boarding for customers using the current mobile or paper tickets and passes and provide additional fare media acceptance of contactless credit/debit cards and a future NJ TRANSIT fare card.

The installation phase follows a successful pilot program on six bus routes based out of the Morris garage.

As the onboard validators are brought online, customers who have purchased paper or mobile tickets and passes can scan the barcode when boarding. As customers board the bus, a validator located near the operator will display an image depicting how to scan the barcode.  The ticket or pass must be presented face up so the barcode can be scanned. Valid tickets or passes will display a green indicator with “Have A Nice Trip’’ featured.

Subsequent phases of the fare modernization initiative will utilize these onboard validators to allow for fare payments to be made using contactless credit cards and mobile payments and a future NJ TRANSIT fare card in addition to paper and electronic tickets and passes.