North Bergen Commissioners Introduce Ordinance to Control Feral Cat Population

The Township of North Bergen is taking steps to control the feral cat population.  On Wednesday, the Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance to move forward with a pilot Trap Neuter & Release (TNR) program to deal with the feral cat colonies residing in various parts of town.

The ordinance was introduced at the commission meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021 to establish a program for managing feral cat populations, not only providing life-saving options for cats that might otherwise be euthanized when admitted to a shelter, but also stabilizing – and even reducing – the population of feral cat colonies.

The TNR program was designed well over a year ago and close to implementation when the pandemic struck. As a result the Health Department was forced to redeploy all personnel and resources to fighting COVID-19 and ensuring the safety of our human residents, and the TNR program was temporarily suspended.

The Health Department is now relaunching the program for implementation in the coming months. More details will be available soon.