North Bergen Police Swear In 4 Class II Officers

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During a thirty minute ceremony held in the North Bergen Commission Chambers this afternoon, the Police Department swore in four, Special Law Enforcement Class II Officers.  Three of the recruits will now head to the Passaic Police Academy for additional training, while one of the recruits is already certified and will hit the streets beginning tomorrow.

As per township ordinance, all four of the recruits are township residents.  They reflect the diversity of the community, with two being Hispanic and two being Arabic.

The difference between a regular police officer and a Class II officer is simple.  Class II officers have all the powers of their counterparts, except they are part-time and have to turn in their badge and firearm at the end of their shift.

According to Police Chief Peter Fasilis, the Department has about twelve Class II officers. With the academies under restrictions due to the pandemic in terms of class size, the township could only send three recruits.  North Bergen has employed Special Class II officers for the past two years.

The Chief says he hopes to add more Class II officers in the future.

The recruits sworn in today are Roberto Gonzalez, who is already certified, Rami Khalil, Teodulo Perez and Rasheed Siyam.