North Bergen Restricts Access to Town Hall Due to COVID

North Bergen Town Hall Services Available Online and By Phone

With the recent surge in the number of coronavirus cases, the Township of North Bergen urges everyone to refrain from any unnecessary public interactions. With this in mind, public access to Town Hall is restricted until further notice.
Most township services are available online and by phone. Municipal employees are continuing to work at their jobs and can respond to answer questions and concerns from the public via telephone and email. Visit or use the link below for contact information.
Frequently requested forms are available online at Copies of the most commonly requested forms can also be picked up at the Chambers entrance to Town Hall, around the side of the building. Completed forms can be emailed back or deposited in the drop box by the Chambers entrance.
For general questions or if you are unsure which department to contact, email
Here is a listing of telephone numbers.:
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is limited public access to Town Hall and all municipal offices until further notice. Town Hall Chambers entrance public lobby will be open to the public weekdays from 9am to 4pm. All offices are open and Municipal Staff will be available during this time to answer questions and concerns from the public via telephone and email, however no in office visitation will be permitted for the duration.
                                                                                                                                    All residents and property owners are encouraged to utilize the Township’s website for online tax payments and further information:
                                                                                                                           Please contact departments as follows:
                                                                                                                           Mayor’s Office – 201-392-2005                                                                             Building Department – 201-392-2051                                                                     Clerk’s Office/Licensing/Public Records – 201-392-2024                                                 Fire Prevention – 201-392-2075                                                                             Health Department/Vital Statistics – 201-392-2084                                               Housing Inspectors – 201-392-2527                                                                         Parks & Recreation – 201-392-2061                                                                   Purchasing Department – 201-392-2040                                                                 Public Works Garage – 201-392-2071                                                                       Rent Control/Board of Adjustments – 201-392-2047                                               Revenue and Finance – 201-392-2008                                                                         Tax Assessor – 201-392-2022                                                                                     Tax Collector – 201-392-2017                                                                             Municipal Court/Violations/Tickets – 201-392-2088                                                         Parking Authority – 201-869-6200