North Bergen School Superintendent Highlights the ’22-’23 Academic Year

Photo Credits:  North Bergen High School                                                                                                                                                                                              North Bergen Superintendent of Schools, Dr. George Solter is excited for the new school year which began on Thursday.  He says a lot is in story for the 7,500 students enrolled in the district.

Among the things which will highlight this academic year:

  • A September 22 academic program, done in partnership with NASA, where North Bergen High School will be one of approximately fifteen high schools nationwide to have a direct video link with the Space Station.  It will be part of the district’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, as the astronaut on the video link will be Hispanic. 

  • Extracurricular club activities, with students taking part in different club contests for the Model United Nations, the band and chorus, as examples.
  • Elementary school classes highlighting different holidays in the schools.  Each principal and teaching staff is free to select which holidays and what type of tributes they would like to do.
  • The addition this year of the 7th grade to the STEAM Academy.