North Bergen Township Begins Townwide Major Road Clean Up

North Bergen Township Begins Townwide Major Road Clean Up

DPW Crews will be out in full force during aggressive clean up effort

NORTH BERGEN, NJ — Under the leadership of Mayor Nick Sacco and the Board of Commissioners, the Township of North Bergen began a major town-wide cleanup operation yesterday along township roads after a rough winter. DPW crews are out in full force performing an aggressive cleanup effort of the town’s main and side roads.

“As the weather begins to warm up we are doing a full mobilization of our DPW to clean up our roads,” said Mayor Nick Sacco. “This winter was pretty harsh and the accumulation of snow, salt and debris certainly took its toll on our roads. This massive cleanup effort will leave North Bergen roads pristine, as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing them.”

North Bergen’s DPW are out in full force with four sweeper crews with blowers, four broom and bucket crews and two pothole crews that move to cleanup at the end of the day. Street sweeping resumed yesterday and residents are asked to follow parking regulations posted along town roads.


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