North Hudson Sewerage Authority Awarded $1 Million Grant to Enhance Collection Systems Improvement Project

In a significant boost to their ongoing efforts, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority has been selected as the recipient of a generous $1 million grant. The grant, aimed at bolstering their Collection Systems Improvement Project, marks a crucial milestone in their mission to enhance the region’s sewerage infrastructure.

The grant was secured through the efforts of Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro (D-District 33) and will play a critical role in financing the rehabilitation of approximately 7000 linear feet of combined sewers, manholes, and service connections in Weehawken and West New York.

The North Hudson Sewerage Authority has long been committed to advancing the quality and effectiveness of their collection systems. This substantial grant recognition underscores their dedication and provides them with the necessary financial impetus to continue their vital work.

“We are very pleased that the State has recognized the importance of maintaining sewer infrastructure. The grant will enable us to improve the collection system in over 40 locations in our service area,” Dr. Richard J. Wolff, NHSA Executive Director, said. “We again express our thanks to Assemblywoman Chaparro who was instrumental in securing not only this grant, but also $2.3 million for our 5th Street Pump Station.”

The grant’s allocation aligns seamlessly with the Authority’s goals, focusing on optimizing their collection systems for improved efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability. This achievement arrives at a time when such infrastructural enhancements are of utmost importance, not only for the Authority but also for the overall well-being of the local communities it serves.

Officials from the North Hudson Sewerage Authority expressed their gratitude for the generous grant, emphasizing the positive and lasting impact it will have on the ongoing Collection Systems Improvement Project. The infusion of funds will allow them to accelerate the implementation of innovative technologies, conduct essential maintenance, and undertake crucial repairs where necessary.

The NHSA surveyed the collection system using remote cameras.  Based on these survey results, NHSA identified the next forty-two priority sewer pipe segments that are currently in need of rehabilitation.  Within the existing collection system in the identified areas, 36 locations in West New York and six locations in Weehawken, there are vitrified clay pipes, a brittle material prone to cracking and structural failure with age. The grant secured by the Assemblywoman will be used to address this issue.

Moreover, the grant signifies a collaborative partnership between the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and the grant provider, showcasing a shared commitment to advancing infrastructure and environmental initiatives. This grant is expected to forge a path towards more efficient and sustainable collection systems, contributing to the overall health and prosperity of the North Hudson region.

In conclusion, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority’s selection as the recipient of a $1 million grant serves as a testament to their dedication to improving collection systems. This financial injection will undoubtedly catalyze their ongoing efforts and foster positive changes that resonate throughout the community for years to come.