Officer Vega Honored as 2022 Officer of the Year for Outstanding Service and Dedication

Officer Vega has been selected as the 2022 Officer of the Year by the Command Staff in recognition of his exceptional service and dedication to public safety. Over the past year, Vega has demonstrated courage, control, and commitment in various high-pressure situations, leading to the successful apprehension of numerous suspects and making the community a safer place.

In March 2022, Officer Vega was instrumental in apprehending a suspect involved in a Union City Police Department (UCPD) shooting case. Displaying immense courage and control, he single-handedly conducted a felony stop on the suspect vehicle and waited for backup to arrive. The suspect was taken into custody and handed over to the UCPD.

In another incident that same month, Officer Vega was patrolling an area plagued by burglaries and thefts when he spotted a suspicious individual. Recognizing the suspect as a known burglar, Vega conducted an investigative detention and warrant check, leading to the suspect’s arrest for multiple unsolved crimes, outstanding warrants, and possession of burglary tools and drug paraphernalia.

In November 2022, responding to a report of a male pointing a firearm at another individual, Officer Vega’s quick action led to a brief foot pursuit, the apprehension of one suspect, and the recovery of an illegal firearm.

Before joining the department in December 2017, Vega began his career at the Morris County Police Academy and served with the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office for approximately two years. He has since been assigned to the Street Crimes Unit and currently serves with Patrol Squad 2.

Officer Vega’s consistent dedication and unwavering determination to combat crime have earned him the prestigious Officer of the Year Award. Chief Fasilis and the entire Command Staff extend their heartfelt congratulations to Officer Vega for his outstanding contributions to the safety and well-being of the community.