OpEd: NJ GOP State Committeeman Sotomayor Einstein Says Vote Trump & GOP

Hoboken’s Joshua Sotomayor Einstein explains why you should vote to re-elect President Donald Trump and elect GOP candidates in the following OpEd piece:


“New Jerseyans should vote for President Trump and every Republican on their ballot. While NJ Democrat Machine politicians and 1%ers such as feckless Governor Phil Murphy like to make President Trump the boogieman, the reality is that Democrat policies that have put NJ in the worst position it has been in for generations. The state political class, overwhelmingly blue, will not get the message unless enough voters vote red across the board.

In a textbook example of projection, while left wing partisans accuse President Trump of being a dictator, they have ceded feckless Phil Murphy total power under the emergency orders he unilaterally declared over 6 months ago with no oversight from the legislature. Even more insulting, after making the dictatorial attack, they advocate for Biden as if the fact that we can freely vote does not contradict their claim that President Trump is a dictator. Yet the reality is that there is a moral difference between the American people’s ability to choose between Presidential candidates and actual dictatorships such as Cuba or China, both of which the far left loves, and in which citizens have no voice.

On fundamental issues, our very safety and ability to earn a living (i.e. the economy), feckless Phil Murphy and Dems have proven they cannot be trusted. On safety, the Democrat limousine liberal leadership wants to release thousands of felons, including those convicted for violent and sex crimes, from prison under the guise of “Covid safety.” Prior to Covid, the silver-spooned leftists which dominate the state Dems were advocating NJ counties end agreements temporarily holding convicted violent offenders for ICE while they were in deportation proceedings that might get them off American streets. Finally, Democrat “leaders” from feckless Phil to forgetful Joe Biden, have repeatedly made the public case that our police and society are racist. Not only is this false, but it can only lead to a demoralized, hands off, and shrinking police force. If you think neutering the police and lessening the consequences for violent physical and sex crimes is “safe,” vote blue. If you support law and order and understand what the words safe and safety mean, vote Trump and GOP.

From feckless Phil to the left-wing county, state legislative, and congressional candidates, collectively the Dem candidates may have spent less time as out-of-touch professional politicians than forgetful Joe, but manage to have the same amount of economic policy non-answers and lack of accomplishments. While the Democrats and talking-head national media were calling the Obama-Biden economic stagnation the “new normal,” President Trump and the GOP grew jobs at a rate that former President Obama said required “a magic wand.” Even now, as significant portions of the national economy remain shut down, Trump and GOP leaders across the country have managed to re-grow jobs at a rate none expected. In NJ however, too many remain unemployed, tens of thousands of life sustaining jobs are gone, and yet the looney leftist state legislative majority decided to pass legislation banning all bags, including recycled plastic and bio-sustainable tree farmed paper, from supermarkets rather than provide relief to the people. For months Democrats posited that small stores were dangerous while big box stores were safe; that when the Covid infection and death numbers were much higher, massive rallies for made up causes were safe, but that 50% capacity in restaurants still isn’t safe now (despite being the norm in most of NY and PA); and that raising the property and gas tax on millions of struggling residents while engaging in a state spending spree will magically revive the economy.

NJ has a choice between the out of touch left wing Democrat policies of failure and the safety, security, and job growing ones of the GOP. Career political insiders like Biden and so many of the NJ State Democrat politicos claim in this election cycle that the system has failed for decades but that only just now can they just fix it. They are right about one thing – they have repeatedly failed the American people and the residents of NJ. President Trump and GOP candidates across NJ want to build on the successes of the last nearly 4 years prior to the outbreak Covid and rioting. They want to continue bringing jobs back, keep wages rising, continue renegotiating trade deals to benefit Americans, making peace in the Middle East, standing up for individual freedom against cancel culture, and supporting law enforcement. New Jerseyans, send our dishonest and disingenuous political class a message – say enough is enough and vote GOP!”


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