OPINION: Far From Out of the Woods, NJ Breaks COVID Case Record For Second Straight Day

Chances are you know someone who has COVID.  Maybe you have tested positive yourself.  If so, self quarantine and follow the Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines.  Hopefully you are asymptomatic.  Unfortunately, the number of COVID cases here in New Jersey continues to spike.  So much so, that for the second consecutive day, the state has recorded the most positive test results ever…15,482.

15,482 in one day.  That number includes 33 new deaths from the coronavirus in one day.  That’s why public and health officials alike continue to encourage citizens to get vaccinated, then follow it up with the booster shot.

This new record is almost 6,000 more than the previous record-breaker on Wednesday…that’s right, yesterday, when New Jersey reported 9,711 cases.  Nearly 6,000 more positive COVID cases in one day.  That’s staggering.

It’s not my job to preach, but let’s face it.  First the initial COVID wave, followed by the Delta variant and now the Omicron variant.  This strain is serious people.  It mutates.  Simplistically, it has a mind of its own!!!  Whether it’s a decision made by individuals to not get vaccinated, or for society not to maintain social distance, or for people, vaccinated or not, to avoid wearing masks, this virus is doing everything it can not to die.

We are beginning to see individual towns and businesses take steps to protect themselves.  Some school districts in New Jersey are considering remote learning again.  Some are again committing to it.  You know this.  You don’t need me to remind you.

Bottom line…we ALL need to do better.  It we don’t, well, COVID may just overtake us.  None of us wants to see more friends and relatives lose their battle to this virus.  We have lost too many already.

Make the right decisions people.





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