‘Paddle the Peninsula’ Kayak Event in Bayonne on Newark Bay

Mayor Jimmy Davis and the Bayonne city council, welcomed residents to the 4th annual ‘paddle the peninsula’ kayak event, at DiDomenico-16th street park on Sunday. For this years event, the experienced kayakers departed Rutkowski Park, and paddled down to 16th street at around 11:30 am. For safety measures, the Bayonne fire department had multiple vessels in the Newark Bay throughout the day. The New Jersey State Police also provided a marine vessel on the water, and the McCabe Ambulance had one unit on the ground just in case.

Registration for the event was required, as all Kayaks were ordered and accounted for the event. For safety reasons, all who chose to kayak, must be aged 16 or older. It was a great day of fun on the water for all residents who attended, as Bayonne’s peninsula is finally being used as it should. Mayor Davis was adamant that they will now be doing more activities on the Bay, with a newly constructed ramp for the kayaks.