Polls Closed In Florida, Early Results There Show It’s Tight, But Encouraging For Trump

Polls have closed in one of the key battlegrounds…the state of Florida, where 29 Electoral College votes are up for grabs.  So far, 46 percent of the vote is in in the Sunshine state.  270 are needed to win the Presidency.  Trump won the state in 2016.

At 7:30, the New York Times put President Trump up by approximately three percentage points over Joe Biden.  In the 2016 election, the state was critical to Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

In the Miami – Dade County area, even though President Trump is trailing, Joe Biden’s numbers are below the number Hillary Clinton got four year’s ago.  That’s why ABC is saying it looks good for the President.  Joe Biden needs to pick up momentum in the southeast region of Florida in order to take the state.