Promoting Safety, Students & North Bergen Police Walk to School Together



This week the North Bergen Board of Education and the township;s Police Department have started a new program to provide additional safety measures for local children.  It’s called Walk & Roll, of in this case, Walk to School With a Cop.

              The initiative is twofold.  First, children through the fifth grade meet at a designated point in the morning, where they will join with the officers in walking to their school, thus providing additional safety for their journey.  Second, it allows the children to get to know the officers; to learn that they are their friends and not their enemies.

Each school in the district will have the walks during the month of October.  On Thuesday morning, Hudson TV joined with the children, their parents and the police in meeting up at the Recreation Center for the short walk to the Lincoln School.

Aproximately 400 youngsters, their parents and the police took part in the event.

It was just another way for the different parts of the municipality to come together to provide positive feedback for the community.