Rally Held Calling for Immediate Termination of Jersey City Teacher who went on Racist Rant

At 1 PM on Monday, a rally was held in front of the Jersey City Board of Education calling for the immediate termination of Howard Zlotkin, a William L. Dickinson High School science teacher who went on a profane rant and referred to George Floyd as “a f****** criminal” during a zoom class last month.

Zlotkin is currently on administrative leave with pay as a result of the incident.

As Rally organizers Pamela Johnson and Frank “Educational” Gilmore spoke to the crowd, they were joined by 17 year old senior Timmia WIlliams, one of the students Zlotkin targeted during his tirade.

Johnson, who is the executive director of the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement said to the crowd:

“…It makes no sense what happened in that classroom and it will not be tolerated… He should step down.”

Kason Little, an organizer for Black Lives Matter in Elizabeth and 3rd generation cousin of Malcolm X, was among those who came to show support for the students.

“I came here to stand in solidarity with the Jersey City student body and remind them they are destined for greatness, that they were meant to achieve the impossible, to do, the unthinkable and to defeat the odds. I demand Jersey City public school officials terminate Howard Zlotkin immediately and indefinitely.”

Zlotkin is also a professor at Hudson County Community College and is currently suspended with pay, pending an investigation as the New York Times confirmed with a spokeswoman from the school.