Results of Tomorrow’s Primary Election Will Likely Take Longer To Learn

Residents of New Jersey have until tomorrow to get their Vote By Mail ballots postmarked at their Post Office.  The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way this Primary Election is being held, as most votes will be cast via VBM, although there will be some polling places open statewide until 8 pm, but those will be few and far between.

So what does this all mean when it comes to learning who tomorrow’s winners will be?

During a telephone interview this morning with the Hudson County Clerk’s Office, Hudson TV was told it will “almost certainly” take longer to learn who the victors are in the various races in the Democratic and Republican primaries, and those numbers could take several weeks to become “official.”

In addition, the tabulations which will be updated on the “Live” elections board on the Hudson County Clerk’s website, likely will not be updated as frequently as they normally would be in a mostly, voting machine election.  The software being used will not break down results by district, so that makes it different than normal.

In addition, the amount of Vote By Mail ballots to be tabulated in Hudson County is expected to be in the neighborhood of 70,000.  So far, the Clerk’s Office has received more than 50,000 ballots.  Remember, registered voters have until 8 pm tomorrow to get their VBM ballots postmarked.

As we all know, many people tend to wait until the last minute to get something done, so why would dropping their ballot in the mail be any different?

Bottom line?  If you are expecting to know who is the winner in a particular race by, say, 8:30 pm, think again.  Not happening.

The Hudson County Clerk’s Office says it will update its “Live” numbers as frequently as makes sense.

With President, a U.S. Senate seat, House of Representatives, Freeholder districts and some municipal races on the Democratic and Republican primary ballots, it could very well be a long night tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


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