Revised Parking Fees Take Effect In Bayonne In January

The Bayonne Parking Utility advised residents that revisions to various parking fees will take effect in January 2023.  

Utility companies, construction and repair contractors, and others who require parking meter bags or No Parking signs to use metered parking spaces or zoned residential spaces for vehicles, dumpsters, or storage shall pay ten dollars per twenty-four hours for a single meter or twenty dollars per twenty-four hours for a double-headed meter.  The fee shall be charged until the time of return of the parking meter bags.  The fee for a No Parking sign shall be twenty-five dollars per day.

The fee for the use of parking meters on a public street will change from ten cents for each ten minutes to twenty-five cents for each fifteen minutes (quarters only).  

The Parking Utility will continue to issue temporary residential parking permits to temporary visitors.  The duration of the temporary permits will change from thirty days to twenty-one days.  Bona fide visitors will utilize virtual parking permits rather than disposable hang tags.  Each temporary visitor parking permit will cost five dollars per twenty-one-day period.

Residential parking permits will cost five dollars each.  However, a senior discount will provide two free passes to any resident age 62 years or older.  

Each non-resident parking permit shall cost two hundred dollars for a one-year period.

All virtual parking permits shall be recorded in the Parking Utility’s database.  

Parking lot fees for meters and pay stations in those lots shall change from fifty cents per hour to fifty cents per thirty minutes.  

The Parking Utility issues monthly parking lot permits for spaces in some of its lots.  Those monthly permit fees shall change from seventy-five dollars to one-hundred-fifty dollars for daily permits, and from thirty-five dollars per month to seventy dollars per month for night lot permits.  The monthly permits are virtual permits.  There are no permit spaces in six of the lots: Lot 1 – East 21st Street parking garage; Lot 8 – East 26th Street; Lot 9 – East 26th Street; Lot 12 – Broadway at 29th Street; Lot 13 – West 31st Street behind the library; and Lot 14 – West 8th Street.

Nominally, all changes in parking fees take effect as of January 1, 2023.  However, due to the observance of the New Year’s holiday on January 1 and 2, enforcement will not begin until Tuesday, January 3.  


  1. I had to register my vehicle at City Hall bringing as proof of residency my PAE&G
    Bill, my drivers license, my insurance, card and registration. After my information was placed into the computer Woman then told me I was now registered and able to park. I then asked her that’s great now can you tell me where my parking spot might be because I can’t seem to find one. She told me to go ask the Mayor.

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