Safety Barricades For Bike Lanes in Jersey City

The Administration of Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has taken steps to ensure the safety of bicyclists in the city,  You nay have noticed concrete barricades going up in various parts of the city separating bike lanes from moving traffic.

Mayor Fulop tweeted, “We’re continuing to install more Jersey Barriers to protect our bike lanes (this is Washington St). A better/safer environment is a win for all as it will lead to more cyclists/less cars. Note: Jersey Barriers in Jersey City in New Jersey – lots of Jersey which is a good thing.”

Let’s hope motorists and cyclists ride with care, but this is certainly a step which should avoid tragedies in the future.


  1. Gotta keep our “twinkies” safe, meanwhile gun violence, drugs, and other mayhem continue unabated in other parts of the city. Thank you Mayor Fulop!

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