Jersey City Resident Arrested for Vehicle Break-Ins in Harmon Cove In Secaucus

Photo Courtesy of Secaucus Police

In a recent incident, a man residing in Jersey City has been apprehended for a series of car break-ins within the Harmon Cove, Secaucus neighborhood.  Secaucus Police took swift action, according to Police Chief Dennis Miller, in response to reports of multiple vehicle thefts and were successful in apprehending the suspect.

At 5:23 a.m. on May 4, a Sandpiper Key resident called the Secaucus Police Department and reported that someone burglarized her parked car and stole some money.

Promptly initiating an investigation, officers worked diligently to gather evidence and identify the perpetrator responsible for these crimes.  That person, 28-year old Kendjy Philippe, was also connected to two prior burglaries, and possibly a third, according to Chief Miller, who said two of the vehicles were parked on Sandpiper Key and the other was parked on Sandcastle Key, all within the Harmon Cove Townhouse complex.

The suspect is facing multiple charges related to theft, burglary, and trespassing. Law enforcement officials have emphasized their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the community by swiftly addressing such criminal activities.

The Secaucus Police Department has urged residents of Harmon Cove and surrounding areas to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect their vehicles from potential theft. They have advised residents to lock their car doors, remove valuable items from plain sight, and park in well-lit areas whenever possible.

Residents of Harmon Cove can take solace in the fact that their local law enforcement agencies are committed to maintaining peace and security within the community. By working together and staying vigilant, residents can play an active role in deterring criminal activities and ensuring the well-being of their neighborhood.

Anyone with additional information on these burglaries is asked to contact the Secaucus Police Detective Division at (201) 330-2052 or

Philippe is being held in the Hudson County Jail in Kearny.


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