At last Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting, Secaucus Superintendent of Schools Dr. Erick Alfonso announced that, beginning in September, big changes are coming to the district’s elementary schools.

The district is currently working on plans to house lower grades, pre-K through 2 at Clarendon School, and upper elementary grades, 3 through 5, at Huber Street School.

According to a Patch article, the Superintendent says the plan is to implement the changes in September, 2024, with the third grade possibly being housed in Clarendon.

The reorganization appears necessary due to the increased amount of development in the municipality which has added more students to the school system.  The Board of Education would have to approve the changes.

Expect public hearings on the subject as the months go by, with residents, the Town Council and Mayor Michael Gonnelli having major input on the proposal.