Secaucus Police Chief Praises Work of Department Personnel Amid Difficult Times

As 2021 draws to a close, Secaucus Police Chief Dennis Miller took to Facebook this morning to praise the work of the men and women of his Department.  Here is the Chief’s heartfelt message in its entirety:

To the members of the Secaucus Police Department,
2021 has been another that you have proven to me that I work alongside some of the most remarkable individuals, the men and women of the Secaucus Police Department.
During 2021, we continued to deal with the COVID Pandemic, whereby more individuals of our police family were infected with this virus. Also in 2021, politicians and appointed law enforcement leaders created laws and directives that did not have the best interest of law enforcement in mind. To be candid, it made doing this job more complicated than ever before. As distasteful, frustrating and counterintuitive as some these directives were, I am beyond proud to say that not one of you wavered under the constant threat of prosecution, ridicule or reprisal. Despite these added stressors, you still performed your jobs seamlessly.
In a climate that is still not in favor of the police, we frequently hear only the negative monotones associated with the work of police officers due to the media’s desire to constantly highlight only the negatives of the profession. Once again, the men and women of the Secaucus Police Department proved yourselves to the contrary and dramatically increased productivity and the quality of cases to be prosecuted.
A local critic of the Secaucus Police once publicly said, “Right here in our town, in front of town hall there is a statue of a police officer with his hand outstretched to help a child. Please tell me when this actually happens. When they get out of their car and engage with the community.”
As memorialized on our social media pages, the Secaucus Police Department is committed to positively engage the community in a manner that the Town of Secaucus has never seen before. Thru park and walks, bike patrols, our therapy dog program, community events and meetings, National Night Out, etc. you show the community your accessibility and commitment. Therefore, this critic should open their eyes and they would see that it happens every day.
In closing, I write these words to tell you how proud I am of all of you. Another reason I write this letter is to say, thank you! Your hard work and selfless service will never be forgotten. As we say goodbye to 2021, I wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
Dennis Miller
Chief of Police