Secaucus Police Department’s Marine Operations Bureau: Ensuring Safety on the Water

Photo Courtesy Secaucus Police Dept.

Secaucus takes a proactive stance towards water safety with the dedicated Marine Operations Bureau within the local Police Department. This specialized unit, created this year by Chief Dennis Miller due to increased water traffic on the Hackensack River, plays a vital role in safeguarding the community and ensuring a secure environment for all water-related activities.

The Secaucus Police Department’s Marine Operations Bureau comprises highly trained officers equipped with specialized knowledge and resources to effectively address waterborne challenges. Their primary objective is to enhance public safety and enforce regulations on waterways, including rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water within the jurisdiction.

The 18 foot Boston Whaler was given to the Secaucus Police Department from the Palisades Interstate Police Department and restored to its current condition. The Marine Operations Bureau is commanded by Captain Scott Coar. 

The importance of the Marine Operations Bureau’s role cannot be overstated, especially in a town surrounded by water bodies and a thriving maritime community. Their responsibilities encompass various areas, including enforcing boating safety laws, conducting water patrols, responding to emergencies, and providing assistance to boaters and swimmers in distress.

Additionally, the bureau collaborates closely with other law enforcement agencies, such as the United States Coast Guard and local fire departments, to ensure seamless coordination during joint operations and emergency situations. This collaborative approach enhances the effectiveness of their operations and maximizes the safety of those enjoying water activities.

The Secaucus Police Department’s Marine Operations Bureau places significant emphasis on public education and outreach. They regularly organize and participate in community events, workshops, and safety campaigns to promote boating safety awareness, responsible watercraft operation, and the importance of life jacket usage.

The bureau’s commitment to water safety extends beyond enforcing laws. They actively engage with boaters, residents, and visitors, offering guidance, answering questions, and providing educational resources to foster a culture of responsible water recreation.

“Our location on the Hackensack River requires us to be capable of response to marine events. The acquisition of this watercraft by our Police Department, along with our existing Fire Department marine rescue boat, tremendously strengthens our Town’s marine response resources. I wish the Marine Operations Bureau the very best,” Mayor Michael Gonnelli said.

As part of their ongoing efforts, the Marine Operations Bureau conducts routine patrols to detect and prevent boating under the influence (BUI) offenses, enforce speed limits, and ensure compliance with navigational rules. Their vigilance helps maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all water enthusiasts, reducing the risk of accidents and potential harm.

The Secaucus Police Department’s Marine Operations Bureau continues to adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of water safety. Through continuous training, investment in technology, and close collaboration with the community, they strive to uphold their mission of preserving life, maintaining order, and promoting safe recreational activities on the water.

Residents and visitors of Secaucus can take comfort in knowing that the dedicated officers of the Marine Operations Bureau are on duty, diligently working to ensure their safety and enhance their overall experience on the water.