Senator Cunningham Praises Jersey City For Peaceful Demonstrations Against Racial Injustices

Senator Sandra Cunningham (D – District 31) took to social media yesterday to express her feelings about the protests and demonstrations which are taking place across the nation following last week’s murder of George Floyd.  The Senator was particularly proud of the way residents of her hometown of Jersey City have peacefully expressed themselves during numerous demonstrations:


Sandra B. Cunningham  


As a black woman and as the wife of Glenn D. Cunningham who was a police captain and a U.S. Marshal, I hope that justice is served for all of the innocent black men who have been senselessly killed and that their families are able to find peace.

I have observed the protests happening across our country in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota last week and I understand the civil unrest after witnessing yet another unarmed black American being killed. I know the pain, the anger, the hurt, and the outrage that the black community continuously feels every time we face racism or someone of color is killed during an encounter with police.
People have the right to protest, however, when protesters resort to violence and destroying our communities, the fundamental message that we are trying to convey is lost.

We must honor all of the lives lost and call for an end to racial injustices through peaceful demonstrations, public conversation and in solidarity. I am proud to see how the residents of Jersey City have protested peacefully, showing the world that our voices are more powerful when we unite. I will continue my work in Trenton, using my voice to address the inequalities in our criminal justice system.

#BlackLivesMatter #StopTheHate #Justice




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